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FTNC lubricants designed for professionals – meeting and exceeding OEM requirements.

FTNC Automotive offers a comprehensive range of lubricants suitable for the vast majority of light and commercial vehicles. It includes low SAPS fully synthetic engine oils, fully synthetic engine oils, semi-synthetic engine oils, mineral oil based engine oils, gear & transmission oils, and hydraulic oils.

Quality comes first when it is the time to choose a lubricant for your motor vehicle, whether it is a light car or a truck. Therefore we pay special attention to ensure that FTNC Automotive lubricants exceed the industry standards and meet the specifications of API and ACEA. This is achieved through manufacturing of the lubricants from carefully selected base oils and stocks with the advanced additive technology in the premises located in the United Kingdom.

As a result FTNC Automotive lubricants provide effective protection of engine and transmissions and extend their service life.

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  • Premium OE quality and performance.
  • A wide scope of application (engine, transmissions, gear box, hydraulic systems).
  • Coverage of above 80% of the European, Asian and American vehicle park.

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we provide 12 month or 10 000km
warranty for all wheel bearing kits.