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FTNC Automotive battery portfolio is impressive both product wise and brand wise.

FTNC Automotive offers a wide variety of DIN and JIS batteries covering most of light and commercial motor vehicles. Whether you have a car or a truck, whether it is manufactured in Europe, America or Asia, there is likely a battery in our range that can power it.

Besides representing the leading international battery brands such as ACDelco and Magneti Marelli in the Cyprus market, we proudly distribute batteries under our private brand FTNC Automotive. All our sealed, maintenance free products are manufactured in Europe from extra high quality raw materials with application of the latest technology in power engineering.

Along with superior quality and extended durability, all FTNC Automotive, Magneti Marelli and ACDelco batteries are provided with unprecedented 2 year warranty.]


  • Premium OE quality and performance.
  • Sealed, maintenance free.
  • A wide variety of part numbers ranging in application (light cars, trucks).
  • Coverage of over 95% of the European and Asian vehicle park.
  • Availability of a salient display (FTNC Automotive battery stand).
  • 2 year full warranty.

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No quible warranty

we provide 12 month or 10 000km
warranty for all wheel bearing kits.