FTNC Automotive - FTNC Automotive

FTNC Automotive stands for Fotoniaco Trading and gives its name to our unique private brand of superior quality motor vehicle parts. Designed as a result of integration of the company’s industrial expertise with its experience in the Cyprus aftermarket, FTNC Automotive caters to the needs of automotive professionals and strives to exceed their product and service expectations.

Its launch in May 2015 signified a turning point for Fotoniaco Trading and marked its acceding to the next level of strategic development. Shift to a private branding strategy helped us gain more control over various stages of the production process to ensure that all the distributed products meet the company’s high standards and specific requirements of the aftermarket in Cyprus.

The mission of FTNC Automotive brand is to support Fotoniaco Trading in delivering premium quality motor vehicle parts and accessories to automotive professionals. Such paramount values as Quality, Service, Trust and Responsibility have been bolstering us in fulfillment of the above-stated mission.

FTNC Automotive brand currently covers a comprehensive range of car and truck batteries, lubricants and wheel bearing kits. All the products are manufactured in the European Union and, consequently, excel in quality and reliability. Besides, provision of outstanding customer service and extensive warranty adds value to the product offering.